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CT colonography has a difficult learning curve .
From the start you need efficient CT colonography implementation with successful integration:

  • Into your own radiological practice.
  • Into the multidisciplinary approach of colorectal cancer.

Making your CT colonography department       cost-efficient from the start.




An interactive E-learning program during           your daily practice.

  • Providing support with the interpretation of your first cases.
  • Achieving good results of polyp detection right from the start.

Making you a self-supporting CT colonography team from the moment you feel comfortable with CT colonography interpretation.



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Contact info
VCTC - Virtual Colonoscopy Teaching Centre
Akkerstraat 32c, 8830 Hooglede, Belgium

T. +32 478 24 54 58 / T. +32 499 97 64 80
F. +32 51 25 34 55

E-mail: VCTC Office
Dr. S. Gryspeerdt / Dr. Ph. Lefere
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Remember '14-'18, The Great War

Virtual Colonoscopy Teaching Centre is located in Hooglede, some 20 kilometres from Ypres. 

You can visit Flanders Fields and the historical town of Ypres from the Teaching Centre.

It is certainly worthwile visiting the region while participating to one of our CTC workshops.

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