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General Terms & Conditions

These General Terms & Conditions apply to all pages and features of, and all applications managed under or running on this website, as well as the information and services provided hereunder (collectively "the Website"). This Website is managed by the Virtual Colonoscopy Teaching Centre, a private limited liability corporation ("BVBA") duly established and validly existing under the laws of Belgium, having its registered offices at 8830 Hooglede (Belgium), Akkerstraat 32-and registered with the Belgian Trade Register ("Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen/Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises") under number 0893.584.388 (hereinafter: "VCTC").

VCTC can be contacted:

    By phone: 0032 478 245458 (Dr S Gryspeerdt) or 0032 499.97.64.80 (Dr Ph Lefere)
    By e-mail:
    By mail:
    Akkerstraat 32 C
    8830 Hooglede


In order to become an eligible user in the meaning of these General Terms & Conditions, the user must be a medical practitioner. By ordering an advisory service (see "Advisory Services") from VCTC, the user expressly represents and warrants that it is an eligible user in the meaning of these General Terms & Conditions.

Availability of the Website

VCTC does its best to make the Website available at any time, but does not this guarantee in any way.
The user recognizes that it is possible that access to the Website may be interrupted and/or that some services, applications or features may be unavailable as a result of unforeseen circumstances. This may occur due to maintenance, intervention on the Website or network, or as a result of other events or disturbances outside the control of VCTC.
VCTC cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any such interruption

Intellectual Property

General provisions on intellectual property

Any product, process, program, logo, image, slogan, database, photograph or technology on this Website or mentioned therein may be protected by intellectual property rights held by VCTC or a third party. The user of this Website acknowledges that, subject to any legal clause to the contrary, nothing on this Website shall be construed as granting a license by VCTC, in whole or in part, to any intellectual property right held by VCTC or third parties.


Copyright in this Website and all of its elements reside with VCTC. All rights with respect thereto are expressly reserved.
Reproductions of the content of this Website or any information provided to the user shall be subject to the express prior consent of VCTC, which can be withheld or delayed at VCTC's sole discretion. Such consent may be requested by contacting VCTC at
Should VCTC decide to grant such consent, any reproduction shall bear mention of the terms and conditions set out herein, in particular those listed sub this section "Intellectual Property".

Trademarks and Trade names

VCTC and the VCTC logo are registered trademarks and/or trade names protected by national laws and international treaties.

Registration Data; Account Security

In consideration of your use of the Website, you agree to (a) provide accurate, current and complete information about you and your client ("Registration Data"); (b) maintain and promptly update the Registration Data, and any other information you provide to VCTC, to keep it accurate, current and complete.

Limitation of Liability; Disclaimer

The user acknowledges that VCTC shall only be held liable for damages directly resulting from its intentional tort or fraud.
In particular, the user acknowledges that VCTC shall not be held liable (i) for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of the Website and each of its elements, applications, and features, including the information provided therein, including any deliverables provided following an order made via the Web Site, their accuracy, completeness or the fact that such information is up-to-date, (ii) for the unavailability of the Website, (iii) for any information to which the Website provides links; and (iv) in case VCTC has relied on any statement, information or representation given by the user which is incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete and/or not up-to-date.
The reliance on any such information or deliverables without having obtained the express prior written consent or confirmation by VCTC shall be at all times at the sole responsibility of the user.

Data Protection

VCTC may collect data relative to the users of its Website and services in accordance with the privacy statement set out herein. As a data controller, VCTC is firmly committed to protect the privacy of its clients and of the visitors of its Website, in compliance with the Belgian Privacy Act and the relevant EC Directives. VCTC reserves the right to modify this privacy statement at any time. All modifications come into force as of the publication thereof on the Website.
This privacy statement is without prejudice to VCTC's right to identify persons who attempt to disable, hack, flood or otherwise harm the VCTC's Website or its underlying systems in whole or in part.

Information submitted to VCTC

In case you submit personal data or personal data is being submitted to VCTC through the available web-based forms, you acknowledge that VCTC may keep record of this data, unless the context requires otherwise. By providing personal data in the aforementioned manner, you grant VCTC your and your patient's explicit and unambiguous consent to process the data for the purposes mentioned on the web-based form.
VCTC undertakes to take all reasonable measures to avoid unauthorized access to the data.
Data Processing by means of this Website has been notified to the Belgian Privacy Commission (

Advisory Services

Eligible users are entitled to request VCTC to render certain advisory services.
For countries other than the member states of the European Union, Switzerland, Qatar and Bahrein, any deliverables resulting from our advisory services can only be used for educational purposes and can not be used for medical purposes, as there are, but not limited to: preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, provision of care or treatment , ... . The Referring Physician / addressee of this letter shall hold harmless Virtual Colonoscopy Teaching Centre, including its directors and staff members, for any damages (direct and indirect) resulting from any use of the findings included herein other than for educational purposes. In any case, the opinions expressed in such deliverables are solely based on the information provided by the user, and are based on best practices and experiences of VCTC.
VCTC shall do its best effort to perform such advice within a period of one calendar week, which shall commence on the day following receipt of the radiology images and clinical data communicated for the purpose of the advice and the payment of the consideration as described below. With a view to the advice defined herein, the user shall communicate to VCTS both the images and the original protocoling as well as the medical data necessary for the advice defined herein. Additionally, in order to optimise this advice, the user shall provide to VCTC the following data: name and phone number of the requesting physician and of the radiologist charged with and responsible for the execution and for the primary reading of the examination, if any. If it involves training in virtual coloscopy, the user must forward the results of his own protocoling along with the examination.
VCTC reserves the right, in the event that the user fails to provide sufficient data, to refrain from any advice, without this being able to cause any liability on the part of VCTC, in which case VCTC shall inform the user within the above mentioned period forthwith that it is unable to formulate the advice due to insufficient data.

It is the exclusive competence of VCTC to decide whether the data and images provided to VCTC or the quality of the examination are/is sufficient to enable the advice.
In this regard, it will be impossible to bring any claim whatsoever against VCTC relating to a period being exceeded insofar as it originates in a default communicated by VCTC to the user in connection with communication and/or information.


All examinations requested and all advices shall be given through the services provided by Yousend It or Biotronics3d and under the terms and conditions of such services, which are deemed incorporated by reference herein.

Code of conduct for the users of the services

The eligible user is responsible for all of the images he/she might transfer to us via the Website and/or on a CD. This implies that you agree not to transfer images or photographs that might be in violation of any intellectual property law, proprietary and/or personal rights or any other applicable legislation via the Website. In addition, you may not use the Website for an illicit purpose. You guarantee that the pictures transferred via the Website to VCTC are not in violation of either the right of a third party or any other legal predisposition and you have obtained the explicit consent of your client to transfer these images.
The eligible user will be held accountable for any loss or damage resulting from the violation of this clause and will compensate VCTC in full for all the costs incurred by VCTC (including costs for legal representation and counsel) as a result of such a violation.
The eligible user undertakes, within the framework of this agreement and within the periods specified in this agreement, to exclusively use the services of VCTC with a view to the said advice communicated to VCTC.
The user agrees to provide follow-up wherever relevant and possible, including: results of colonoscopy, biopsy, surgery etc in order for VCTC to be able to assess the accuracy of the reporting and of the therapeutic and clinical impact of the service provided.
The user expressly agrees that, within the framework of this agreement, VCTC is entitled to use the advice and the examinations performed by it for teaching purposes as well as for scientific analysis. To this end, VCTC undertakes to anonymise all examinations and advices provided to it.

Website Security

It is strictly prohibited to put the security or integrity of the Website at risk or to download, diffuse, order prints, send emails or transmit or communicate via the Website files in any way that could cause damages to VCTC or to a third party.


Delivery of the material is done by the e-mail as indicated in the registration form. The data will be protected by an encrypted password. VCTC cannot be held responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information.
The user may, provided that he specifically mentions it at the time of making the request, opt to obtain the results by sending a CD. In the latter case, the mailing costs shall be borne by the user and be charged to him.


By way of consideration for the work performed by VCTC, the user shall subscribe a contract with VCTC.


Compliance with Council Directive 97/43/Euratom of 30 June 1997

The user agrees that the application of the EURATOM 97/43 Directive relating to the justification, technique and optimising thereof is the direct and exclusive responsibility of the user.


The user agrees to indemnify and hold VCTC, its directors, officers, agents, contractors, partners and employees, harmless from and against any loss, liability, claim, demand, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of or in connection with any content the Website.

End and Modification of Services; Changes to General Terms & Conditions

VCTC reserves the right to put an end to or make modifications at its sole discretion to all or part of the Website. The user shall not be entitled to any compensation or damages as a result of the termination of any service, application, or feature of this Website, including the Website as a whole.
These General Terms & Conditions may be subject to changes; the new version will enter into effect as of the date of publication of such new version, unless specifically provided for otherwise.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Belgium. Any and all disputes, controversies or claims arising under or in connection with these General Terms & Conditions or usage of the Website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of First Instance of Kortrijk.

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