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Workshops / Purpose

The purpose of VCTC Workshops is to offer:

  • small groups (max. 10 people)
  • dedicated and tailored workshops

Additionally, each participant has the opportunity to send two Virtual CT Colonoscopy Examinations for advise to VCTC.
This is intended to be a continued education after the workshop (preceptorship). You will receive this advise within 3 working days.



Our next workshop for 2016 will be organised together with TMC - Telemedicine Clinic



29-30 September, 2016


VCTC – Virtual Colonoscopy Teaching Centre
Akkerstraat 32c
8830 Hooglede, Belgium


The workshop is aimed at providing practical skills and information for those considering starting CTC at their institution.
The presentations highlight State of the art Technique, with focus on patient preparation and reading technique.
Practical skills are provided in hands-on training sessions.

Personalised guidance during the hands-on training sessions are the main focus of the VCTC workshops :
-  we provide one workstation per participant
-  each participant has access to an extensive, fully renewed database of 70 CTC studies.
Since each participant has his/her own wokstation, the workshops are limited to a max. of 10 participants.
Each participant receives a syllabus , with the presentations as well as a discussion of all CTC cases.

Subscription : 

see  " VCTC TMC workshop"






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Workshops / Q & A

Where are the workshops organised ?

Workshops are organised at our teaching facility:

Akkerstraat 32c
8830 Hooglede


How long do the workshops take?

Workshops typically take 2 days.
However, the duration is completely flexible and can be adapted to the specific needs of your department.


What about the program ?

Our main goal is to adapt the program to your specific needs.
This is possible since we organise workshops for small groups only.

During the workshop you get the possibility to evaluate 50-70 cases on your workstation. The cases include the whole spectrum of pathology and
are organised to allow you to choose the cases according to your level of experience.

We provide you with one syllabus including all the presentations, and a second syllabus with exhaustive explanation upon the findings of the cases.


What about the software used? Which platform?

At our teaching facility, we have 10 workstations, equiped with Vital - Vitrea ² 


Can we get a workshop for our department only?

Yes ! The advantage of VCTC workshops relies in the small groups: you can get a workshop for your department only (f.ex. just 4 persons).


What about the language ?

Workshops are given in three languages: Dutch, French, English.

How can I get information ?

Interested in a dedicated workshops, adapted to your needs and requirements?

Contact us!


Contact info
VCTC - Virtual Colonoscopy Teaching Centre
Akkerstraat 32c, 8830 Hooglede, Belgium

T. +32 478 24 54 58 / T. +32 499 97 64 80
F. +32 51 25 34 55

E-mail: VCTC Office
Dr. S. Gryspeerdt / Dr. Ph. Lefere
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VCTC - TMC workshop

Our next workshop will be held in cooperation with Telemedicine Clinic - TMC.

date :

29-30 September, 2016